Issues At Hand
Together, we can make a difference.

Colorado needs leaders who work for our families and businesses first! We need safe communities, more freedom, and lower taxes to achieve the American Dream. It requires courage and commitment to make a difference.

Building Prosperity

  • Small businesses need less crime, lower taxes, and less bureaucracy to create growth and prosperity.
  • Small businesses are the engine of America.
  • Agriculture, Energy Production, and Tourism are key industries for Colorado.

Education and Public Safety

  • Parents know best the educational needs for their kids.
  • Children will rise to challenges and higher expectations.
  • A safe learning environment is essential to helping children succeed.
  • Supporting law enforcement to ensure we have safe communities and schools.


  • Healthcare costs are out of control.
  • One size does not fit everyone.
  • Mental health and physical health are interconnected.
  • People should be able to buy coverage they need and eliminate unnecessary mandated coverage.


  • People from all demographics deserve an equal opportunity to achieve the American Dream.
  • Home ownership is a key resource to building wealth and security
  • Reliable water and sewer services are critical for growth.